How do people fall from grace?

When he sat down to testify before some of the most powerful leaders in our country, it was evident that Mark Zuckerberg had become a victim of his own ego. An image of a man who betrayed his followers and fans to benefit himself, has come to replace the persona of the cocky Harvard dropout who became a big success. This is his fall from grace, the disintegration of his reputation. How does this happen? How does someone damage their reputation and lose the respect of the public? Sometimes, men and women fall through no fault of their own. They are simply the victims of societal persecution because they’re different, and society is unable to accept their difference. This was the case in 1997, when Ellen DeGeneres came out as a lesbian on her self-titled sitcom The resulting backlash caused her to lose her show, and damaged her career and reputation for years. Today, DeGeneres is rightfully recognized as a hero in the movement for LGBTQ equality. However, her fall from grace in 1997 was the result of nothing more than a society unable to accept her. While DeGeneres’ fall is not uncommon, more often we often see people with big egos, like Zuckerberg, fall as a result of their own bad decisions. The most common reason people gain a bad reputation is not because they are different and...

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Let’s talk Stormy Daniels

America, we need to talk. Our fixation with porn star Stormy Daniels peaked last week after she sat down for an interview with Anderson Cooper on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” Over 22 million people tuned into an interview filled with juicy, disturbing details about her alleged affair with President Donald Trump (if you’re like me, though, you turned off your TV after Daniels revealed that prior to sleeping with Trump, he compared her to his daughter Ivanka). It’s easy to understand why Daniels has become a fixation for the media. She is smart, well-spoken and beating Trump at his own game. There’s also the obvious attention this scandal is getting because it involves infidelity, abuse and possible legal problems involved in the signing of a non-disclosure agreement. However, I think we can all agree that Daniels has received her fair share of air time. The affair has not hurt Trump’s job performance or caused him to lose any supporters. Just this past week, the Associated Press released a poll that found his approval ratings are up by seven points. This means supporters of the president are not going to leave him over this scandal; they knew who he was when they voted for him. At the time of the 2016 election, the Access Hollywood “grab ‘em by the pussy” tape had made national headlines, and multiple women had accused Trump...

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The best way to support the anti-gun violence movement? Vote.

Adults have failed us. They have refused to take action to stop the killing of thousands. Their cowardice and failure to find solutions to America’s gun violence epidemic have placed us all in danger. Now we, America’s youth, must fight to find a solution to save our lives. Adults may say we are just children, acting out of fear and lack of information. They may say we don’t have any real power. But what they don’t understand is that this is our country, and while only some of us are already participating in elections, soon we will all be registered to vote. We cannot live with the fear that the schools we attend, the bars where we hang out and the movie theaters where we escape will become crime scenes. That is why I chose to participate in the March for Our Lives in Columbus on Saturday. The only way we’ll find a solution to gun violence is if the youth of this country comes together and refuses to accept a future of fear and violence. Hundreds of people gathered downtown to show support for the students of Parkland and demand tougher gun laws. I arrived on the cold streets of Columbus with my mom, and we carried our sign listing the names of some of the major mass shootings, such as Aurora, Newtown, Pulse Nightclub and Las Vegas....

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Could ‘Cruel Intentions’ be made in 2018? Probably not.

The 1990s cult classic “Cruel Intentions” started streaming on Netflix last Friday, allowing viewers like me to witness the film for the first time. I was completely shocked by its stepsiblings-running-a-sex-bet-to-get-in-each-other’s-pants narrative, and wondered whether the film could have been made this year. “Cruel Intentions” follows stepsiblings Sebastian (Ryan Phillippe) and Kathryn (Sarah Michelle Gellar), and their bet to see if Sebastian will be able to sleep with pretty, proud virgin Annette (Reese Witherspoon); the bet is a result of Annette’s publishing an article in Seventeen magazine about why she’s chosen to wait to have sex. If Sebastian is successful, then Kathryn (who, again, is his stepsister), will have sex with him. There are already clear issues with the film in its opening scenes. The entire plot revolves around a man who is trying to hook up with a girl who has made it very clear she does not want to have sex with him. Even when they meet, and Sebastian tries to pursue Annette, she makes it clear that she does not want to have sex with him. Yet, he continues. Prior to his conquest of Annette, Sebastian already has a well-known reputation of sleeping with multiple women and finding ways to embarrass them later. In the opening scene of the film, for instance, we learn that Sebastian slept with his therapist’s daughter and posted naked pictures of...

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Five new songs everyone should hear

Here are five new songs released in the last week that every music fan should listen to. 1. “Moon River,” Frank Ocean Released on Valentine’s Day, Frank Ocean’s new track recreates the song made famous by “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Unlike in Audrey Hepburn’s classic version from the film, Ocean combines soft electrophone sounds with a simple guitar beat to put emphasis on the song’s dreamy lyrics and his strong vocals. “Moon River” is so true to Ocean that its sounds and backup vocals could be ripped straight from his album “Blonde.” 4.5/5 stars 2. “Love Lies,” Khalid and Normani Ahead of the release of the highly anticipated film “Love Simon,” Best New Artist nominee Khalid and Fifth Harmony star Normani have paired together to craft “Love Lies.” The song documents a complicated romance in which both people are unsure of how they feel about the other. While the song beautifully captures Khalid and Normani’s vocals, it seems odd to have this song on the “Love Simon” soundtrack, since the film tells the story of a young man’s struggles to come out as gay. When I watched the trailer for the film, I expected the soundtrack to be full of songs similar to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ hit “Same Love.” Regardless, the song is a wonderfully crafted R&B hit that the pair should be proud to have produced. 3.5/5 stars...

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