Award-winning journalist to examine ‘Truth and Lies’

Leading media critic Brooke Gladstone will give a lecture, “The Trouble with Reality,” at 7 p.m. Thursday in Wilks Theater as the Humanities Center’s headlining guest for the school year. Gladstone is expected to speak about fake news and other anti-press rhetoric issues. Gladstone has been a commentator for publications such as The Boston Globe and The Washington Post and has co-hosted her “On The Media” radio program for 17 years. Most recently in her career, Gladstone has shifted her focus to the definition of truth. During an NPR interview with correspondent Lulu Garcia Navarro in May 2017, she...

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Holiday Walk brings students and community members together

The annual Oxford Holiday Business Walk took place with a new addition this past weekend, a “’Twas The Night Before” lineup of events. There were just shy of 30 participating businesses, all under the organization of the Chamber of Commerce, coming together to bring community members out to shop and socialize. The decision to restructure the festivities into a two-day affair was new this year, said Chamber President, Kelli Riggs. The purpose was to bring more attention to local businesses on Friday and have more family-friendly entertainment on Saturday at the Business Walk and Festival. The night-of, Uptown businesses...

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‘The Muslim guy’ talks scapegoating

Scapegoating — blaming all societal ills on one group — is not new. Neither is targeting persons of Muslim faith, according to author, activist and human rights attorney, Arsalan Iftikhar. “Islamophobia did not begin with Donald Trump and it will not end with Donald Trump,” Iftikhar said during a visit to Miami University on Thursday. Iftikhar, author of “Scapegoats: How Islamophobia Helps Our Enemies and Threatens Our Freedoms,” highlighted discrimination on a global, national and local scale. In a speech hosted by the Department of Media, Journalism & Film, Iftikhar laid out examples of modern-day xenophobia for an audience...

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Vocatio helps liberal arts students find jobs and internships

Vocatio, a startup offering an on-campus “Career Hacks” workshop series specifically for students with liberal arts majors, arrived last week and comes to a close on Thursday. It piloted its first six-session program spring semester of last year, with the goal of returning once per semester going forward. Each session tackled what Miami alumnus and founder Patrick Jones saw as crucial to helping students identify and understand how their majors can be transferrable to a career, even when it seems unlikely. Miami was chosen as the destination because Jones saw what his alma mater needed, starting in 2014, while working on the Alumni Advisory Board for the College of Arts and Sciences. “Dean Makaroff and, before him, Dean Callahan were nurturers of this approach,” Jones said. Jones said Vocatio specifically caters to liberal arts students, as future job titles are not in the name of their degree. Many students feel the pressure to comply with studying an area with a clear career path. The College of Arts and Sciences, in particular, has been on a mission to professionalize the passions of liberal arts students for about five or six years. Dean Chris Makaroff’s hope for these well-rounded students is for them to start to “explore academically, but do it a little bit more intentionally, with a career path in mind.” “You’ll spend four years kind of thinking ‘Oh, my...

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Boutique moving into empty Uptown storefront

Leeli and Lou, a Cincinnati-based boutique, will be opening its doors on High Street in the next week. Plans for the shop have been in the works since last spring, but the lease was finally signed Sept. 7. Shop owners Elizabeth Lance and Julie Twyman tested the market of Miami women at Miami’s eleventh annual Fashion and Design Show and were greeted with the interest they were seeking. After four years of attending Mom’s Weekends with her daughter and helping Lance run Leeli and Lou’s Hyde Park Square location in Cincinnati, Twyman saw the need to bring Leeli and...

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