Lux professor Emile Haag: Always ‘aiming for the top’

It was one of the first days of spring semester classes at Miami University Dolibois European Center (MUDEC) in Luxembourg. Students filed into the Charles the Bold classroom and waited for the start of HST 270: The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler. Shortly before the class was scheduled to begin, a man wearing a velvety black fedora and a black overcoat entered the room and headed toward the window. Snow was still on the ground from earlier in the week, but the man opened the window and said in a thick accent that I couldn’t immediately place, “I...

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The secret lives of retired Miami professors

By Audrey Davis, News Editor Allan Winkler’s study in his Oxford home is filled with books — hundreds of books that line the shelves built into the wall. The room is cozy. A dog crate sits on the floor with a bed and chew toy inside. A few guitars are placed on their stands. Pictures and papers fill the desks. It’s a room where Allan clearly spends much of his time. He spent seven years teaching history at the University of Oregon and five years at Yale University before moving to Oxford to accept the position as chair of...

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Humans of Oxford — Drew Zubek

Home-grown botanist By Audrey Davis, News Editor Drew Zubek likes plants. It’s a well-known fact amongst his friends and everyone else who lives in his corridor. “Clearly,” he says, gesturing to the exotic plants decorating every surface on his half of the room. His side is a jungle of sorts. Green plants of all shapes and sizes are displayed neatly on the window sill, on the floor and on the shelving unit he added that stretches from floor to ceiling.   To those in his hall, he is “Drew the Botanist.” “That’s what my whole corridor calls me,” he...

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The regulars of the Oxford Coffee Company

By Audrey Davis, News Editor James Beare and Bill Baker sit outside of Oxford Coffee Company wearing winter coats and gloves with coffees in hand. It’s a chilly Monday morning. The temperature is barely above freezing, but the bright sun makes it seem a little more bearable. There are no open chairs out front, so Bill hurries inside to grab another chair for me because “we can do things like that here,” he says. James and Bill have been coming here for the past two years. They can be found sitting in the same spots on almost any given...

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An enthusiastic Crawford couple hosts first spin-in movie

By Audrey Davis, News Editor I arrive at the Rec Center around 8:50 p.m. — about 10 minutes before the Spin-In Movie with the Crawfords begins. I wanted to get here early in hopes of claiming a spot. I had shamefully been waitlisted. I walk into the Rec Center Forum and make my way to the very back where a large projector screen shows the DVD menu of “McFarland USA.” In front of the screen, students sit on stationary bikes, waiting to be told what to do next. I check in at the front table and am told that...

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