I’m passionate, not just angry

This past semester, I screamed at someone so loudly for so long that I lost my voice for a week. Since arriving on campus last fall, I have tried to fight at least 50 people. I’ve gotten so worked up over the lack of pie in the dining hall that I have actually burst into tears, leaving my friends clueless, uncomfortable and slightly amused — a mix of emotions that they would soon come to easily recognize.

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Miamians ‘Take Back the Night’

On Monday night in Armstrong’s Wiikiaami room, over 30 people sat in a circle, laughing and joking about their days. The room was open, comfortable and brightly lit. Each time someone entered the room, they were greeted with a smile.

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ASG supports student agriculture movement

Behind Miami University’s Marcum Center are two greenhouses. Both look old and worn down. Grimy windows are covered with declarations of love and graffiti written in sloppy handwriting. Behind locked doors are empty flower trays — the metal crates which used to hold green foliage  are now home to spider webs and excess tools left behind.

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A Friday night in the esports lounge

Sitting outside of Miami University’s King Library after dark on a Friday night, one can see all types of people headed Uptown for the night. However, amid the sea of people making the trek up slant walk, another group emerges. Instead of heading toward Uptown, this group makes a beeline for the library, straight to the back.

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