A family affair: Inside Oxford’s local businesses

By Angela Hatcher, For The Miami Student Phan Shin Seven thousand, six hundred and forty-two miles. That’s how far Juan Lin, or Yvonne as she prefers to go by, is from her hometown in China. “Seafood,” she said “That’s what Fujian reminds me of.” As she stands behind the take out counter at Phan Shin, scribbling a customer’s order on her notepad, she has nothing but a big smile on her face. She laughs with the customers and jokes with them, lighting up the room as she turns to give the order to the kitchen. You’d never guess that...

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Black Lives Matter founders met with racism

By Angela Hatcher, For The Miami Student Monday morning, Mona-Mae Juwillie was sitting on her bed scrolling through Yik Yak. She was horrified by what she saw. “If there was a movement called white lives matter it would be shot down immediately even though it would be the same damn thing as black lives matter. The black community is the most racist now.” Then: “As a white student I enjoy this school as it is mainly white upper middle class students like me. If I went to a historically black college I would feel like I was discriminated against.”...

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Bofferding CEO visits Oxford

Leading Luxembourg brewery comes to Ohio market By Angela Hatcher, For The Miami Student A tiny wooden table stands amid crowded shelves of imported coffee beans, beer and wine. The table is littered with bright green Bofferding promotional paraphernalia — hats, glasses and the famous beer itself. A full glass of the beer is the centerpiece of the table, golden liquid with snowy white foam. Just beyond the table is a man in a black suit jacket and bright green tie, the trademark Bofferding color. He smiles and vigorously shakes hands with various retired Miami professors as they head...

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In past 10 years, SAT scores steadily increase

By Angela Hatcher, For The Miami Student First-year Kristie Cordeiro didn’t know the score she needed on her SAT to get in to Miami. “I knew I needed to do well,” Cordeiro said. “But I didn’t know if there was a ‘magic number’ or something that would be the key to my acceptance.” She scored a 1910. “It was a lot of work, but it was enough to get me in,” Cordeiro said. “That’s all that matters to me.” Cordeiro, a biology and economics double major, is not alone when wondering whether there is a “magic number” that is...

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Large classes increase as Miami student body grows, student engagement impacted

By Angela Hatcher, For The Miami Student It’s 11:30 on a Friday morning. Miami University first-year Darshini Parthasarathy shuffles around in her seat as she prepares for her professor’s anthropology lecture. Her laptop is open, Google Docs at the ready. She is eager for the lesson to begin. Compare her demeanor to the 291 other students who sit around her in a wild disarray, Twittering and Tindering, and you would think that Parthasarathy is a diamond in the rough. “I’m really focused compared to the majority,” she says, chuckling. “But I’m here to learn.” Parthasarathy is among the many...

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