Ask Angela on Valentine’s Day

Guess who’s back? Back again. Tell your friends. It’s me, kids. I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to get back behind the proverbial mic and start ranting about my thoughts on a particular upcoming “holiday,” namely, Valentine’s Day. Let me be the first to say that the fact this day is a thing is stupid. It’s so stupid. Do we really need to take one day out of the year to throw chocolates, flowers and pink, heart-shaped paraphernalia at our lovers? Or, for all the single ladies, sitting and sobbing into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food while watching “P.S. I Love You” and looking at pictures of your ex on Instagram? I speak from experience on that last one. No shame. I’m convinced that Valentine’s Day solely exists so couples can have competitions amongst themselves to see who has the best significant other. For example, last year, a girl I know — let’s call her Bridgette (note: not a fan of Bridgette) — went on Instagram and Snapchat tirades, forcing her love for her boyfriend down everyone’s throats. Bridgette’s boyfriend (let’s call him Chad; Chad and Bridgette sounds good, right?) took her to Hawaii (FREAKING HAWAII) for Valentine’s Day 2017. Chad rented a sailboat (A FREAKING SAILBOAT) and decorated the whole damn thing with rose petals. They had copious amounts of champagne and strawberries waiting for...

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Campus climate survey – change comes from engaging

The following reflects the majority opinion of the editorial board. We’ve been receiving email after email about it for weeks. It’s been promoted on just about every Miami social media account. And likely, there’s a large population of students who saw the email float through their inbox, and deleted it immediately or just ignored it. And not enough of us filled it out. And that’s not ok. Our climate survey failed, receiving just over 20 percent of a response rate, effectively making it ineligible for analysis. For undergraduates, the response rate was 17 percent. Generally speaking, the survey only...

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Not just a news story: What it’s like having family devastated in Puerto Rico

It’s not easy to describe. It hits me every time I watch the news. It hits me like a ton of bricks. It hits me sometimes when I’m just walking to class, going about my day. To say it hits me hard is a gross understatement.  It hits me when I’m laying in bed late at night, unable to sleep, overwhelmed with the weight of my uselessness in this situation. It creates a pit in my stomach every time I scroll through Facebook and see headline after headline of the devastation that has struck a tiny little island that nearly half of Americans don’t know is a commonwealth of the United States. The “it” I am referring to is the indescribable, numbing feeling of uselessness when you’re forced to watch your family suffer and your island slowly start to crumble. Because for me, it hits too close to home. It is home. I have family spanning the island of Puerto Rico – my abuelita, aunts, uncles and cousins in Aguadilla, family in Arecibo, Aguada, Naranjo and San Juan. My mom and her 15 siblings are from originally from Aguadilla. We come from a proud Boricua family, generations of history represented in each and every one of us. I waited and waited and waited for days to hear back from my family when Hurricane Maria first hit, nervously twiddling my...

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Ask Angela: The Trying to Find Love-Cast

In this second episode of Ask Angela, host Angela Hatcher and co-host Dmitriy Kzhikin give a listener some love advice, debate whether or not it’s OK to make a move via email and share some happy thoughts about memes. Recorded by Dmitriy Kzhikin and Angela Hatcher, Produced and Edited by Angela Hatcher, Music by Noah...

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Ask Angela: Freshman Advice-cast

In this first episode of Ask Angela, a weekly life & advice podcast from Angela Hatcher, a freshman trying to #thrive asks for tips and Angela and guest host Dmitriy Kzhikin vent about their on-campus fashion pet peeve. Recorded by Dmitriy Kzhikin and Angela Hatcher, Produced and Edited by Angela...

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