Ask Angela: Let happiness happen

Dear Angela, Currently, everything in my life is going well for the first time in years. I have great friends, a great guy and I’m doing well in school and in my extracurriculars … but I can’t shake this feeling that the other shoe is just waiting to drop at any given moment. I can’t stop feeling guilty for all my past mistakes or feeling angst-ridden that I am just one small step away from messing up. I guess my question is how do I accept that I deserve good things in my life? Because some days I seriously don’t think I do and it’s a feeling that I have been carrying inside me for a very long time. I truly want to be happy, but I just don’t know how to. Yours, Trying To Be Happy Dear Trying To Be Happy, I’m really glad that this is the question that floated into my inbox for my final Ask Angela of the semester. Glad doesn’t begin to describe it really. Ecstatic. Thrilled. Humbled. I’ve touched on everything this semester — weed, cocaine, sex, kinky sex, friendship woes — and now, this. Happiness. It sounds so simple when other people talk about it doesn’t it? “Just be happy.” Sometimes it’s not that easy. I can relate in more ways than I can describe to you to what you’re feeling right...

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Ask Angela: Embrace the kinks, how to enter the world of BDSM

Angela, I’ll admit I was a little nervous to ask this question, but from reading your other articles, it sounds like you’re someone who’s open to trying new things, so I’m assuming you won’t judge. Anyway, my girlfriend and I have been seeing each other for about six months now. At first, the sex was amazing — I mean, we were going at it three times a day. But lately, well, things have simmered down. We’re still knockin’ boots on the reg, but it’s like we’ve run out of ideas. It’s just the same old routine over and over again. Recently, she saw the film, “50 Shades Darker,” and she suggested that to spice things up we try some BDSM. But here’s the catch: She wants to be the dom. On one hand, I’m kinda open to it. I like the idea of her taking control and dominating me in every sense of the word … But I have my reservations. What if my friends find out? They’re all tough, conservative guys who would say I’m whipped if I gave her a ride to class — What would they say if they knew she was literally taking a leather whip to my bare ass? And also, I saw her on her computer the other day browsing strap-ons — that might be a dealbreaker for me. I want to try...

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Ask Angela: BFFs can settle differences

By Angela Hatcher, Opinion Editor Dear Angela, My best friend from home and I got in a blowout fight over winter break because she found out that I got coffee with her ex-boyfriend at school (completely platonically). It’s a really messy situation; they broke up last spring, and she accused him of things I know he didn’t really do (or at least, not to the degree she’s been telling everyone). I was friends with him too when they were together, and I knew he was struggling at school so I offered to meet up and talk. I knew my friend would be mad if she found out so I kept it from her, but of course she found out. We haven’t talked since January, and I feel bad for hurting her feelings, but I didn’t do anything to intentionally spite her. I miss talking to her, but I also think she’s being irrationally angry about this — we just talked at the library over coffee, and I haven’t seen him since. Should I reach out to her or wait for her to come to me? Sincerely, Kinda sad but mostly over it Dear Kinda sad but mostly over it, This situation has more layers than a cake, an onion and Shrek combined. I’m going to just do a deep dive here and break my thoughts down into three parts:...

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The Last 50 Miles: Spring break on the Appalachian Trail

As I struggled up the side of Blood Mountain, wheezing, barely able to breathe under the pulsing heat of the midday sun, I began to cry. My shoulders were numb under the weight of the backpack that now felt like an extension of my body. My feet and ankles were swollen underneath my boots and I could feel my blisters bleeding onto my wool socks. My heart was racing from the exertion of climbing the mountain. My clothes were thoroughly soaked with sweat. Every step I took burned my muscles with a deep, stabbing fire. Tears welled up at...

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Ask Angela: Some things you shouldn’t try at all

Dear Angela, What are your thoughts on cocaine? You seem like an anything goes kind of gal and I need some advice on this. I know someone who’s been thinking about dabbling in it, but said person also has some reservations and is kind of freaked out by it. Do you think it’d be ok? Asking for a friend … Thanks, I have a Question about Coke Dear I have a Question about Coke, Your insights have me pegged. I am an anything goes kind of gal. When it comes to life, I’m about as chill as it gets....

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