ASG to host charity dodgeball tournament

Miami’s Associated Student Government (ASG) will be hosting a charity dodgeball tournament to benefit its Student Success Fund. The tournament will be open to all students at Miami. The event was announced at the ASG meeting on March 13 by 5th District Senator Charles Kennick. The tournament will take place on Central Quad from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on April 7.  Joining the tournament costs $5 per player. All proceeds from the tournament will go to the Student Success Fund which helps students who have financial limitations experience extracurricular activities. Winning teams will receive prizes which are currently undetermined. Students can register in teams of 6 to 8. All students can enroll their teams online at Also at Tuesday’s ASG meeting, junior Jordan Wirth was elected as an off-campus Senator, and the results of the Student Body President election primary were announced. Juniors Meaghan Murtagh and James Gale advanced to the runoff election, while junior Alex Boster was eliminated from the race. ...

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Gale and Murtagh advance in Student Body President election

Juniors James Gale and Meaghan Murtagh have advanced to a runoff election in Miami’s Associated Student Government (ASG) race for Student Body President. The third candidate in the race, Junior Alex Boster, will not advance to the runoff. All Miami students were able to vote on the Hub from 7 a.m. Monday to 7 p.m. Tuesday. Over 3,000 students voted. Results were announced at the ASG meeting at about 7:30 p.m. Tuesday evening.  Gale is joined by vice presidential candidate junior Courtney Rose. Murtagh’s vice presidential candidate is junior Vincent Smith. Boster was joined by junior Charles Kennick. Gale...

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ASG unanimously approves 50 percent budget cuts for student orgs

Miami’s Associated Student Government (ASG) unanimously approved a budget plan that will cut student organization funding in half ASG met on Tuesday, March 6 in 111 Harrison Hall to present and discuss the new budget plan. The committee met with over 100 student organizations in Upham Hall from 6 p.m. to midnight on March 5 to hear their requests. While the committee originally anticipated a 15 percent cutback on allocations, higher requests than anticipated resulted in an increase to a 50 percent cutback. Members of the committee stated that the cut is not a result of poor budgeting, but...

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Student presidential candidates face off in debate

Three of Miami’s student leaders discussed dining issues and the university’s approach to combating sexual assault, among other issues, at Monday’s Associated Student Government (ASG) Presidential Debate. ASG hosted the debate at 7:30 p.m. in the Armstrong Student Center Pavilion. Juniors Meaghan Murtagh, James Gale and Alex Boster are all vying for the position of Student Body President. The debate commenced with opening statements from the candidates. Each student had one minute to present their personal background, describe past leadership experience and give a brief overview of their platforms. Murtagh is a marketing major in the Farmer School of...

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Miami Student Health Survey opens for student input

Students looking to help the university better understand the Miami community will have the opportunity to do so through the Miami Student Health Survey. The survey opened on Feb. 28 and will remain open until March 14. All Miami students received an email on Feb. 28 indicating that the survey had been opened. Students’ answers are completely confidential and their will be no link between a student and their responses. The survey takes roughly 30-40 minutes to complete, and students may skip any questions they do not feel comfortable answering. The survey focuses on three main topics: mental health, use of alcohol and other substances and interpersonal violence on campus. At the forefront of the survey is Rose Marie Ward, Associate Dean of the Graduate School and professor. “A lot of the survey is keeping us at our benchmarks and figuring out where our levels are, and then giving us intervention points so that we can move the dial so that more people are making healthier decisions,” said Ward. The first portion of the survey is designated toward learning more about the mental health of students at the university. Questions ask whether students are experiencing symptoms of mental health problems and if they would know where to go if they were. “Our student counseling center has used data like this over the years to really destigmatize the use of...

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