Vegans struggle to find dining options at Miami

Being vegan on Miami University’s campus is much more difficult than one would expect. So why would someone do it? Gretchen Matuszak, the director of Miami’s Didactic Program in Dietetics, said some people adopt vegan diets for religious or ethical reasons, while others feel veganism is a healthier alternative to animal-based diets. Veganism is a step up from vegetarianism. It’s when a person abstains from eating not only meat, but also every type of food that comes from an animal, such as dairy, eggs and honey. Aimee Liston, a first-year on campus, decided to try being vegan about one month into the semester for ethical reasons. “[Being vegan] is another way to cut down on carbon emissions,” Liston said. “I don’t have a problem with eating dairy as a concept. What I do have a problem with is how animals, such as calves, are treated.” Jenna Ramsey, a junior living off campus, was vegan for her freshman and sophomore years on campus. Unlike Liston, her vegan journey was prompted more by the health benefits of veganism than by its overall environmental impact. Senior Natalie Wink hates the food systems in America. But she didn’t actually start being a vegan until she moved off campus. The reason why? Apparently, there were not many options on campus and thus, being vegan was nearly impossible. Both Ramsey and Wink have found Miami’s...

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Americans need to deal with what the election gave them

By Alyssa Melendez, The Miami Student I typically avoid saying anything controversial about the election in public, but pictures like this one have really upset me. Is this what America has become? When things don’t go your way, you burn the symbol of freedom that our ancestors fought and gave their lives for? I understand that a lot of people are upset over the results of this election and their feelings are completely justified, but this has just gone too far. There’s no changing the fact that Trump will be our next president. So instead of reacting in anger,...

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Humans of Oxford: Feng Peiheng: From China to the United States

By Alyssa Melendez, Staff Writer From Beijing to Oxford. From Feng Peiheng to Penny. From cube buildings with six floors below ground-level and flat rooftops to red-brick buildings with sloped roofs and only one floor underground, if that. From a busy city with 12 million people to a quiet town with just over 21,000. From days of checking out grocery items and being met with a blank stare and silence to the cashier who actually takes an interest in your life and says, “Hi, how are you doing?” From the familiar stir fry and rice to an endless supply...

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