Americans need to deal with what the election gave them

By Alyssa Melendez, The Miami Student I typically avoid saying anything controversial about the election in public, but pictures like this one have really upset me. Is this what America has become? When things don’t go your way, you burn the symbol of freedom that our ancestors fought and gave their lives for? I understand that a lot of people are upset over the results of this election and their feelings are completely justified, but this has just gone too far. There’s no changing the fact that Trump will be our next president. So instead of reacting in anger,...

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Humans of Oxford: Feng Peiheng: From China to the United States

By Alyssa Melendez, Staff Writer From Beijing to Oxford. From Feng Peiheng to Penny. From cube buildings with six floors below ground-level and flat rooftops to red-brick buildings with sloped roofs and only one floor underground, if that. From a busy city with 12 million people to a quiet town with just over 21,000. From days of checking out grocery items and being met with a blank stare and silence to the cashier who actually takes an interest in your life and says, “Hi, how are you doing?” From the familiar stir fry and rice to an endless supply...

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