For parents of first-years, a sad goodbye

By Alison Perelman, Assistant Culture Editor Half of room 369 in Havighurst Hall is already moved in and set up. Lauren Stifelman moves around the other half, making sure the bed is made and in the best spot. Her husband, Glen, and son, Matthew shuffle around, finding other productive things to do. “This is our last one and we’re probably gonna have to peel her off of him when we leave,” Glen explains with a chuckle. “He’s our youngest. It’s very, very difficult. He’s ultra-independent, so — excuse me,” Lauren interrupts herself and Matthew moves out of the way....

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Valerie Hodge: Ten years as Miami’s first lady

By Alison Perelman, Assistant Culture Editor Valerie and David Hodge both grew up in the west. They both studied geography. They both went to the University of Washington, where they met. They’ve been married for 35 years. David started out as an associate professor at Washington, but he eventually worked his way up to the position of Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Valerie was the Director of Institutional Research at Bellevue Community College.  In 2006, David was offered the position of president of Miami University. So, after reading books about its history to prepare, they packed...

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