Costume craze: Students dress up for Halloweekend

By Alison Perelman, Assistant Culture Editor Through the window of Skyline it all looks normal — a group of college kids enjoying a late night meal, one of them stuffing a coney into his mouth. But then there’s the fact that he’s dressed as a police officer, and Where’s Waldo sits next to him. And someone from “Orange is the New Black” is across the table. The costumes started appearing much earlier. Around 3:30 p.m., two girls in matching green and red onesies made their way down the street. Not long after, three guys dressed in bath robes —...

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9,000 feet up, then right back down: Skydiving with the MU Dropouts

By Alison Perelman, Assistant Culture Editor The door of the plane flies open and is pinned to the wing. The cold rushes in — somewhere below 20 degrees. “Okay, Alison, swing your feet out,” Scott shouts over the noise of wind and the engine. I bring my legs around and out from under myself. My right leg gets caught by the winds and I jerk it back. Why did I not think about that happening? I tell myself to focus on the small platform, left leg now. Breathe. I don’t feel my heart pounding. Maybe it has stopped completely....

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Krasinski’s ‘The Hollars’ takes us home, reminds us that everything is going to be okay

By Alison Perelman, Assistant Culture Editor I don’t know anyone who isn’t a fan of Jim Halpert on “The Office.” Just the same, I don’t know anyone who isn’t a fan of the actor who portrays him, the adorably sarcastic John Krasinski. And now, Krasinski has created another lovable character — a whole family, in fact — in the new film he directs and stars in, “The Hollars.” The Hollar family is slowly falling apart. Sally (Margo Martindale) is diagnosed with a brain tumor. Don (Richard Jenkins) is in denial that his business is bankrupt, and he is grappling...

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Making lemonade: NBC turns sour into sweet with “This Is Us”

By Alison Perelman, Assistant Culture Editor Warning: This review contains major spoilers for episodes one and two of “This Is Us.” NBC’s hit show “Parenthood” ended almost two years ago, simultaneously breaking our hearts and filling us with joy. Since then, while the TV landscape has blossomed, there’s been a void for a feel-good family drama that could live up to Braverman standards. But now, we have “This Is Us.” I first watched the trailer when it was released in May and was immediately hooked. Now only two episodes in, the show is living up to the hype. “This...

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Meet Miami’s new four-legged students

By Alison Perelman, Assistant Culture Editor Edgar likes soft, fluffy rugs, frozen peanut butter and leaves. He always drinks water too fast, causing the hiccups, and gets excited when bikes whiz by on the sidewalk. Only four months old, Edgar arrived at Miami a little over a week ago. He’s a different kind of student, a part of the 4 Paws for Ability program. The 4 Paws dogs are working toward becoming service dogs and are currently in the socialization part of their training. They wear special red vests (or temporary bandanas) and must follow certain rules, so students...

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