Wing-Eating contest for a cause

In the open space of Armstrong’s East wing, Delta Tau Delta members had set up 12 tables with two plastic plates, two red solo cups and a small stack of napkins each. A table in the middle held the main feature of the event: two metal serving dishes full of hot wings. The fraternity hosted its first Wing Challenge for Children to raise money for Type 1 Diabetes research. Teams of two pledged $50 each, and the proceeds will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. “It’s our national organization for our fraternity, and we’re pretty passionate about it,” organizer and Delta Tau Delta member Will Hoff said. Will darted around to answer questions and make sure everyone had what they needed as participants meandered in. While waiting for the official challenge to begin, those who were ready decided to try a few practice wings. Harry Barnwell, a member of Theta Chi, called out to make sure his wing, which was now just bone, was considered fully eaten. Once each participant sat in front of their wing-piled plate, Will started the timer, and soon everyone was digging in. The first member of each team had to finish their 10 wings and get them checked before the second member could start in on their 10. The first team to finish all 20 wings would be declared the winner. Several of...

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Mu fashion and design model casting: strutting confidence

A line of black snaked its way across the second level of Armstrong. Black leggings, black leather jackets, black shirts — almost all form-fitting. High heels and boots. Hair and makeup done. Guys and girls made their way to the table to sign in. The model hopefuls received a number to clip to their black attire before moving into the hallway to wait. It was the second day of model casting for Miami’s Fashion and Design Club, and the numbers were quickly climbing past 100. President of MU Fashion and Design, Steele Fitzwater, said it was clear to see...

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Ivy goes public: Miami’s new ‘First Dog’

I walked into Lewis Place, and Renate greeted me with her usual bright smile. But following in her footsteps was the welcoming committee I was really looking forward to: Ivy, the newest member of the Crawford family, pranced into the hallway to see who had come to call. At 13 months old, Ivy is lean and lanky, and her light yellow fur is fluffy and soft as can be. She loves to play but has quickly come into her professional role as First Dog — evident in her perfect posture in her Miami gear in photos. It’s no surprise...

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Rallying a narrative for hope and change

The sun was beginning to set, the color from the sky fading and turning grey. The music from Mega Fair was still booming, but the event was dying down. People began to trickle into the area around the Sundial. Waiting. The crowd grew bigger. People began holding up their signs, and others took pictures. De’Vante Montgomery was nervous. He wasn’t nervous about agitators or counter-protesters. Despite starting at age 15 as a volunteer for the Obama campaign and going on to become the youngest Ohio delegate to the Democratic Convention in 2016, De’Vante was nervous about speaking. Then the...

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Out of place in the Armstrong addition

I was scared to step into the new wing of Armstrong. That sounds a little silly, and maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration. But it’s true that I avoided the new addition like the plague for the first two weeks that I was back in Oxford. I’m not particularly welcoming of change in my personal life. I don’t like when my routine gets interrupted. So I pledged to stay away from the unknown and stick to the parts of Armstrong that I have, somewhat begrudgingly, grown fond of for the past two years. But eventually I made my...

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