Academy Awards Roundtable Recap

Did you watch the Academy Awards on Sunday night? Hear what our movie experts had to say! Entertainment editor Kirby Davis, Culture editor Alison Perelman, managing editor Devon Shuman and Miami Association of Filmmakers and Independent Actors (M.A.F.I.A.) representative Jack Ryan sat down to discuss the biggest moments, surprises and snubs from the 90th annual Oscars. Listen to the podcast here! Edited by Emily...

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Inspiration and support at the Oscars

The Academy Awards are about winning, or so some say. They are about honoring those who have worked hard to get there. They are about celebrating movies. But more importantly, the Academy Awards are about celebrating and inspiring others. In line with my reflection on last year’s awards, we shouldn’t let any upsets — whether popular snubs or personal disappointments — break us. Because those who lost certainly don’t, and those who won, whether I was rooting for them or not, made it worthy in their acceptance speeches. Because Sam Rockwell said he has always been inspired by his fellow nominees and talked about his parents’ passed-down love for movies. And who could deny his wife’s pure elation for him? Because Octavia Spencer didn’t stop smiling all night. Because Allison Janney did it all by herself, but still made sure to mention that her fellow nominees “represent everything that is good and right and human about this profession.” Her speech may have been standard otherwise, but it was genuine. Because while Jordan Peele wasn’t my first pick to win for the Best Original Screenplay category with some of my favorite films, he got the recognition deserved for his determined and creative mind. He reminded every aspiring writer that it takes a lot of drafts and thoughts of quitting, but your film can get made. Because while Timothée Chalamet should...

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Chartering a Miami Merger: Senior proposes at the Ball

Jordan Rice left his girlfriend, Taylor Tinnin, on the dance floor. Surrounded by her friends, she barely noticed his absence. He made his way back up to the Charter Day Ball’s coat check area where a friend was waiting, hunched like a boxer ready to enter the ring. He jumped up as Jordan approached, hyped for him, and passed on the ring box he had been holding onto throughout the night. Jordan remembers the first few times he saw Taylor. He first spotted her standing in the back of a meeting for Navigators, a campus ministry. Then he noticed...

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Wing-Eating contest for a cause

In the open space of Armstrong’s East wing, Delta Tau Delta members had set up 12 tables with two plastic plates, two red solo cups and a small stack of napkins each. A table in the middle held the main feature of the event: two metal serving dishes full of hot wings. The fraternity hosted its first Wing Challenge for Children to raise money for Type 1 Diabetes research. Teams of two pledged $50 each, and the proceeds will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. “It’s our national organization for our fraternity, and we’re pretty passionate about it,” organizer and Delta Tau Delta member Will Hoff said. Will darted around to answer questions and make sure everyone had what they needed as participants meandered in. While waiting for the official challenge to begin, those who were ready decided to try a few practice wings. Harry Barnwell, a member of Theta Chi, called out to make sure his wing, which was now just bone, was considered fully eaten. Once each participant sat in front of their wing-piled plate, Will started the timer, and soon everyone was digging in. The first member of each team had to finish their 10 wings and get them checked before the second member could start in on their 10. The first team to finish all 20 wings would be declared the winner. Several of...

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Mu fashion and design model casting: strutting confidence

A line of black snaked its way across the second level of Armstrong. Black leggings, black leather jackets, black shirts — almost all form-fitting. High heels and boots. Hair and makeup done. Guys and girls made their way to the table to sign in. The model hopefuls received a number to clip to their black attire before moving into the hallway to wait. It was the second day of model casting for Miami’s Fashion and Design Club, and the numbers were quickly climbing past 100. President of MU Fashion and Design, Steele Fitzwater, said it was clear to see...

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