Video: Beauty is Everywhere

Inside Outsider In this video, A.J. Newberry critiques Miami’s campus architecture and developments that are disrupting the “beautiful campus” brand and looks to Dr. Phillip Shriver to inspire students to care about changes on...

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Inside Outsider: Super Size Miami, A week at Pulley Diner

Inspired by the 2004 documentary, “Super Size Me,” Miami Student cartoonist A.J. Newberry eats at Miami University’s Pulley Diner every meal for a week. Inside Outsider is a new satirical news column with a focus on campus life. Production was done in collaboration with photographers of The Miami Student.  ...

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“La La Land” successfully revitalizes the Hollywood musical

By A.J. Newberry, Staff Writer Last year, in one my first film classes at Miami, in preparation for “Singin’ in the Rain,” my professor told our class about her deep love of musicals. With their upbeat casts performing dance numbers on an Olympic level, the musicals struck me with their charisma, and I felt unashamed to express my enjoyment. The power of the genre to transcend preference was a unique quality, but like many other genres of Classical Hollywood, its success reached its limits by the 1960s. But fear not, 2016, for we are the latest generation of nostalgics...

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Jenkins returns to Telluride with the brilliant “Moonlight”

By A.J. Newberry, Staff Writer Last year’s best picture winner, “Spotlight,” was a triumph of America’s values. Unity, justice and the freedom of speech — characteristics rarely emphasized by daily media that so often focuses on the affected and divisive accounts of our country. You may call the film “unglamorized” but not without calling it idealized, or just ideal. In “Spotlight,” we saw the best version of ourselves, whereas Aaron Sorkin took home the Oscar in “Steve Jobs” for the most honest version. Perhaps, then, it’s most fitting for 2016 to have a film that is honest and ideal....

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Film Studies gets immersive in Colorado

By A.J. Newberry and Hailey Hirata Close your eyes. Think of the joy of completely immersing yourself in a great film. Now imagine an experience of total cinematic immersion for four days straight, surrounded by people who are equally as passionate about cinema as you are- directors, actors, critics and students alike. Now add mountains that are so picturesque they look like they were created by the best production designer or computer graphics artist in Hollywood. It’s the picture of an idyllic utopia, and if you’re like five very fortunate Miami film studies majors, it’s also a reality. Three...

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