What New Zealand gave me: Adventures of a solo female traveler

I saw him look at me out of the corner of my eye before he spoke. “Excuse me?” My body tensed as I looked up at him, a man in his thirties who seemed friendly enough. But I knew from experience to expect the worst. “Do you need me to show you how to get somewhere?” I was holding a map, which I tried not to do for this very reason. I didn’t need help, nor did I want it, especially from male strangers. “I’m fine, thanks. I was just checking to make sure I was heading in the...

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2016 commencement speaker announced

By Abbey Gingras, News Editor Miami University News and Communications Miami University announced yesterday that Sir Ken Robinson would give the commencement address at the spring 2016 graduation ceremony in May. Robinson, 65, is an internationally-renowned speaker who focuses on creativity, tying his upcoming graduation speech to Miami’s theme of creativity and innovation for the 2015-2016 school year. Previous graduation speakers have also connected to yearly themes — in 2014, Forest Whitaker spoke for the Year of Celebrating Freedom. In 2012, composer A.R. Rahman spoke for the Year of the Arts. Robinson is best known for his TED talk...

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Construction begins on ASC east wing

By Abbey Gingras, News Editor The sidewalk between the Armstrong Student Center and Culler Hall closed Monday, Jan. 18 to make way for construction on the new east wing of the student center. The walkway and the east entrance to Armstrong, which faces Culler, are closed permanently, pending the completion of the east wing of the student center. The university plans to open a temporary walkway between Culler and Shideler Hall early in the spring semester to reroute foot traffic in the area. Students can also go around Armstrong on the west side, between the student center and Kreger...

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Ku Klux Klan still highly active

Klan leader says organization is growing By Abbey Gingras, News Editor Bob Holzworth was an Oxford Police Department (OPD) lieutenant in April 1990 when the Ku Klux Klan came to Miami. He was in full riot gear that day, tasked with protecting the Klan members as they marched — standing between them and the hundreds of protesters. Holzworth remembers rocks, hurled from the crowd, dinging his helmet. “They were whipping them at the Klan and they were bouncing off our helmets,” he said. “We marched them all the way up High Street.” Holzworth, now OPD’s chief, recalled other things launched...

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Misconceptions surround “Keg Law” as minors drink with parents

By Karen Augenstein, for The Miami Student Family Weekend at Miami University can be more than just a time for parents and siblings to visit campus. Some underage students take advantage of being able to legally drink with their parents or guardians. Commonly known as the “Keg Law” in Ohio, parents are allowed to buy their kids alcohol, assuming they 18 and in remain the presence of their guardians at all times. However, many don’t know that minors must be with their legal guardian until they are sober again. In addition to this, the alcohol parents buy must go...

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