Jenna Yates, For The Miami Student

Phyllis Keating, an alumna from the class of ‘65, meets with Heather Kogge, director of development for the school of fine arts, to discuss a class reunion. (SCOTT ALLISON | The Miami Student)

Miami Alumni Association (MAA) has seen an increase in alumni using the program, according to Ray Mock, executive director of MAA. Mock said the increase is due primarily to the economy.

Miami University’s office of career services, also networks with MAA to facilitate a transition to life after Miami.

“We’ve been doing this for a few years now,” Mock said., a career networking site, MAA and career services have teamed up to make a connection with students and graduates. The office of career services has a LinkedIn group with more than 12,000 members. Current students may also join the online tool.

Brittany Long, a sports studies major and coaching minor, utilizes the online group created by career services. Long created her LinkedIn profile approximately two months ago.

According to Long, the MAA and career services groups were the first LinkedIn groups she joined. There are a lot of people interested in her field and LinkedIn is an effective way to stay connected.

LinkedIn is a career building site comparable to the social networking site

According to Bill Froude, associate director at career services, LinkedIn is becoming more beneficial as time goes on.

Students can network with potential employers through this service for jobs and internships.

“We are encouraging students to get registered with LinkedIn and start creating a profile,” Froude said.

LinkedIn is exploding in popularity, Froude said. LinkedIn is also featured on the front cover of the March issue of Fortune.

“There are many articles coming out in newspapers and magazines about the importance of LinkedIn,” Froude said.

People are using LinkedIn for a whole host of reasons that go well beyond looking for a job or filling a job. LinkedIn can be used as a way to communicate with others in a particular organization.

“It’s a great way for networking to find out what’s going on with alumni in certain cities or certain companies they work for or maybe they’ve got a job that you’re interested in what they do on a day-to-day basis so it’s a great way of gathering information,” said Leslie Marmor, assistant director of alumni career services.

Following graduation, Miami graduates will be able to use career services as they did when they were students.

“Students who are graduating (and) leaving Miami without a job are probably still in the need of using some of the services that you would use as a student,” Marmor said.

This service will be available to recent graduates up to one year after graduation.