By Grace Moody, The Miami Student


The handwriting was displayed on the front door of the NextGen Climate’s campaign office Uptown the morning Donald Trump was elected president.

The storefront was completely empty and the organization’s office was closed by the Monday after the election.

NextGen Climate focused on climate change awareness and anti-Trump campaigning during the 2016 election season.

Just down the block, the Trump campaign office and, headed the other direction down High Street, the Clinton campaign office were closed as of Wednesday morning.

As a tense election season comes to a close, the volunteers of Oxford’s three political organization offices Uptown are finishing their leases and moving out supplies. With them leaves a brief but intense national political interest in Oxford.

Trump’s campaign office, located on 123 W. High St., is working on moving out its belongings from the Oxford office this week, according to a volunteer.

During the election season, Haughey & Deters Attorneys at Law LLC sublet the office to Trump’s campaign, according to Oxford’s Economic Development Director Alan Kyger.

Before the Trump campaign office moved in, the storefront had been empty since Oxford Shoe moved out in April 2014.

After Oxford Shoe moved out, the site was used as an additional conference room for Haughey & Deters Attorneys at Law LLC.

“The law firm has the site under contract but it probably hasn’t been utilized as much as it could be,” Kyger said.

The law firm did not return request for comment.

On the same block, NextGen Climate’s office, located on 109 W High St., is also shut down.

While there are no known tenants for the NextGen Climate’s vacant storefront, Kyger said he thinks the property owner, Jack Corso, will rent it to a new tenant again soon.

“Given there are very few actually rentable spaces in the Uptown district, I would expect that to be rented shortly,” Kyger said.

Clinton’s campaign office, located on 41 1/2 E High St., is also closed, according to Rachel Harvey Katz, the regional press secretary of Hillary for America’s southwest Ohio region.

“As far as I know, the Clinton headquarters is not planning to rent that long term because they hope to in the future possibly make that a real estate sales location for a project they have in the works for the Uptown district,” Kyger said.

Although Oxford’s Clinton campaign office will be closing down, other offices that are part of the local democratic parties, such as the Butler county offices, will remain open and at work.