Last Tuesday, located in the east wing of Armstrong, the Off-Campus Housing Fair hosted numerous organizations that provide living spaces for students seeking to live away from Miami’s campus after their sophomore year. Packed with slick presentations and colorful giveaway goodies, the booths attracted passing students like moths to a flame.

However, the “Adulting Fair,” the part of the event designed to educate students about the various hazards and struggles involved with living on their own, was nowhere to be found among the flashy displays and decorated trifolds.

Instead, visible only thanks to a single sign with an arrow on it, the adulting part of the fair was tucked back away from the main thoroughfare of Armstrong. At the very back of the building, in the area with copious conference rooms, the booths sat in all their modest glory.

While certainly not as dazzling or flashy as the presentations of the off-campus housing organizations, the booths for the adulting fair had their fair share of valuable information. What they lacked in colorful poster board and snazzy logos, they made up for in tips and tricks designed to help those considering striking out on their own to better navigate the difficulties of adult life.

From 101 ways to use vinegar around the home, to electrical safety checklists and guides to help students budget, the booths that comprised the adulting fair seemed to cover each and every concern that might arise when living off-campus.

The staff sitting behind the tables were friendly and knowledgeable, and more than happy to take questions about their specific area of expertise.

“A lot of this is information I never really knew,” junior Alex Schenck said. “I’ve been living on my own for a year, but I definitely never thought of stuff like cleaning my refrigerator coils.”

And the staff of the adulting fair wasn’t to be outdone in terms of goodies to give away. Light timers, squirt bottles, sponges and pens all sat at the various booths, ready to be given away to a student in need. Reflecting the more practical nature of the adulting part of the fair, these goodies all seemed to serve a purpose for anyone who lived on their own.

“I’m glad they decided to do this,” first-year Alison Brenner said. “When the time comes for me to move off-campus, I think this stuff will be really helpful.”

Living off-campus and being entirely self-reliant can be a daunting prospect, and some people might struggle with deciding where to turn to start getting their situation under control. For those who seek guidance or advice concerning the various trials and tribulations of adulthood, the Adulting Fair is an excellent place to start.

For anyone who was unable to make it this time, the Office of Residence Life will be hosting another Adulting Fair from 9 p.m. – midnight on May 5 in Armstrong Pavilion A and B.