By Max Pikras, For The Miami Student

Miami alumnus Adam Bain (’95) was named Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Twitter Oct. 5.

Bain graduated from Miami with a degree in journalism, and was a member of the first class to graduate from the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies (AIMS).

President David Hodge said he was excited to hear about Bain’s promotion at Twitter.

“We’re very excited for and proud of Adam,” said Hodge. “It’s always great seeing Miami alumni having such extraordinary careers.”

Glenn Platt, marketing professor and director of AIMS shared Hodge’s excitement, and said how pleased he was to hear of Bain’s promotion and success.

“It’s a well-deserved and well-earned promotion for him,” Platt said.

Platt, who taught Bain in class, said Bain’s promotion and achievements show how Miami’s liberal arts education prepares students for the possibilities for what they can achieve after graduating.

“I think it’s more affirmation that our Miami graduates are able to take their liberal arts education and move the needle around the world,” said Platt.

Platt also said Bain’s success highlights the IMS major, and the types of careers students can look to find with that degree.

“His success helped to paint the picture for what students can do with a degree in interactive media studies,” Platt said.

Hodge and Platt said, along with his status and propensity for success, Bain’s reputation for being kind, humble and down-to-earth has greatly aided him on his road to success.

“To describe him, ‘nice’ would be in the first sentence you use,” said Platt.

Bain is known for giving back to Miami, and donating his time and effort to help AIMS students. He visited Miami to give the commencement address for the College of Arts and Science last spring.

Hodge shared a story about Bain’s commencement address. Hodge said Bain had originally written a more conventional speech, but  after receiving feedback from his father, changed his speech in place of one that better fit his personality.

Platt said Bain took to Twitter for ideas to help him craft his new speech.

Hodge said that the above example showed Bain’s creativity and his high level of innovation.

“He is putting his ideas out there, listening to the criticism and coming at it with a fresh perspective,” said Hodge. “I think that this one is one of the reasons why he is such a great leader, and has been so successful.”

Miami students have also taken note of Bain’s career and promotion, and are happy to see what a Miami graduate can do with their education.

Camryn Longworth, a junior IMS major, said it was great to see someone in her field of study become so successful.

“As an IMS major, it’s awesome to see an alumnus achieving so much success,” said Longworth.

“I think Bain’s accomplishments will bring extra recognition to the department and to Miami as a whole.”

Longworth said she believes that Miami really helps students to prepare for future careers.

“Bain’s success shows that Miami does a really great job of preparing its students for anything and everything,” Longworth said.

Hodge said he believes Bain’s success embodies Miami’s mission to help students grow and pursue their passions throughout their lives.

“Miami encourages students to have high aspirations, let their talent grow and understand that the sky is the limit,” Hodge said.